2021 Annual Company Meeting Report.

Time flies, time passes, 2020 has passed in a flash, 2021 is vigorously coming to us. Zhejiang Bright Commodity Co., Ltd. in order to thank all the staff for their hard work in the past year, held the New Year annual meeting on January 23, 2021. The leaders and colleagues of Bright gathered together and made progress hand in hand; had dinner together and had a good time; looked back on the glorious past and looked forward to a bright future.


Time flies, one year's work has become history, 2020 has become the past, 2021 is coming. A new year means a new starting point, new opportunities and challenges.

The year-end summary meeting started at 7:00 pm on January 23, 2021, firstly, CEO Mrs. Liu said: "2020 is the first year of the 21st century and the tenth year of Bright's establishment, which is a year full of opportunities and challenges, and also an extraordinary year", and at the same time, he gave a full affirmation and high expectation to the work of the company in 2020. At the same time, he gave full affirmation and high evaluation to the company's work in 2020, and made a clear plan for the future development direction of the company. Mrs. Liu's speech made all of us confident and motivated, and made us feel proud of our identity as Bright people!

In the past 2020, we have smiled, struggled and gained. In the face of 2021, we will move forward with our heart and build a dream, and let us work hard to create a better tomorrow for CUH.

Following the past to welcome the new year, and advancing with the times to celebrate the bumper year. For the year 2021, we are full of expectations and good heart. We Bright people stand shoulder to shoulder at the brand new starting point, and together we depict a more magnificent blueprint of Bright

Post time: Apr-07-2021