The people are united to fight the epidemic

Liu Liang Yan is a native of Quzhou, has been engaged in the foreign trade export of wet wipes products in Hangzhou. June 2018, Liu Liang Yan returned to his hometown to set up a business in the green industry cluster Baisha area, the establishment of Zhejiang Bright Commodity Co.,LTD The company exports 95% of its products to Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, and last year’s total foreign trade amounted to more than 40 million yuan.

On January 23, 2020, Liu Liangyan, who was on a business trip to Japan, saw the news of the new coronavirus epidemic in China and gave up her business trip to buy many masks for her friends in China. Once she returned home, she urgently dispatched a batch of 70% medical-grade isopropyl alcohol hand disinfectant wipes exported to Malaysia and sent them to key areas of the epidemic. At the same time, she planned to resume work on February 17, and prepared a series of information such as staff roster and enterprise product introduction, and applied to the agglomeration area on February 2 to resume work urgently.
On February 3, the two disinfectant wipes production lines of Bright Daily Products officially resumed work. Liu Liangyan said that the enterprise resumed work after the daily measurement of body temperature and disinfection protection for all employees, and employees who returned one after another from the date of return to the Qiu observed 14 days without abnormality before they can start work.

“Our production capacity of 10-piece production line daily production of 30,000 packets, 60-piece production line can produce 100,000 packets, and is still working overtime production.” Liu Liangyan introduced that in order to contribute her share to the domestic fight against the epidemic, she decided to postpone all the three containers of foreign export orders scheduled before the year, which consequently led to the company facing high economic compensation. “We are very sorry to our foreign customers, but I am a party member and will definitely put the motherland first and give priority to protecting the domestic people’s needs against the epidemic with the guidance of the Party Central Committee and the municipal government documents.” Liu Liangyan said with a smile.

It is understood that since the resumption of work, Bright Daily Products has sold more than 2 million disinfectant wipes to many cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. “In addition to the normal supply, we have donated more than 80,000 pieces to streets, villages and kindergartens in Quzhou and Hangzhou.” Liu Liangyan said that the epidemic prevention and control work is the top priority at present and will hold the company’s full strength to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control blockade.


Post time: Apr-07-2021